About Earth Angel


In 2019 I went on a journey in Jamaica that changed my life forever. Three of the most important things I learned there and still carry with me today are to

1. Hustle (Doing what brings you joy)

2. Practice Self Love (in all ways, holistically)

3. Learn to flow on your own time (respect your time and manage it properly)

These three things are what cultivated my business and have brought it to be what it is today. 

Every day I spent in Jamaica showed me that everyone has a talent; some will use it and some will burry it in the ground. (It reminded me of the Parable of the Talents from the Book of Matthew). I saw people who woke up early with the roosters to make use of their talents, everyday. I also witnessed others who sat on them, buried them away and spent their time doing things they resented. Taking note of these things, it made my inner fire to express myself in creative ways even stronger.

Coupling that inner fire with the self love I cultivated while in Jamaica, made me unstoppable because I came to a place of total acceptance of who I am and wholeness. I began my dreadlocks journey in Jamaica, and went completely natural in my appearance while there (for 4 months). Every day people (men & women) were constantly and consistently referring to me as empress & beautiful & natural and it brought an awareness to my physical beauty in a way that I had never experienced before. Along with their affirmations, I saw my own inner, outward & spiritual beauty and I allowed it to grow strong. The journey taught me that I was enough and more than enough. 

I traveled to Jamaica to see the beauty of the land and natural people I had always seen in the Rastafari and reggae world... and I found that very same beauty within myself (I&I). It was a true journey I took outside of myself, only to end up within myself. 

Lastly, i learned how to flow on my own time because I realized how differently time moved in Jamaica. Especially in the city vs the mountains and country areas. As i would climb the mountains, the air would become clearer and cooler and time would move slower. The sounds became fewer, and the clouds were closer to the land. However, as i climbed down the mountain and into the city, loud music would fill the air, the heat would rush in, and people would be moving faster. I enjoyed the contrast of both environments and i learned it was okay to move in-between both worlds and flow as i pleased. 

After leaving Jamaica and returning to America, I carried these principles with me and began creating. What started off as simple swirls, grew into beautiful intricate designs. Also what started off as a few customers, grew into thousands.. from all over the map! What started off as Earth Angel going on a journey to heal herself, grew into Earth Angel using her talents and wisdom to help Heal others.

All in All, I give thanks for this journey and every one of you for being a part of it! It means the absolute world to me for you all to be a part of my life journey and for you to allow me to be a part of yours!

Take Care,

Earth Angel